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June 2017
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Elite Daily's Content Manager Greg Dybec walks us through how he remained focused through his journey as a writer and journalist.

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Actor, Producer, and 2 Time Track and Field Olympian High Jumper Jamie Nieto walks us through how he was able to make it to the 2012 Olympic Games, even when the odds were against him! 

Also, The Do Something Challeng by Dario Philippe is now available on Amazon.

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If the saying every set back is an opportunity for a come back is true, then Jerald Coach Jae Lewis is the epitome of the saying. This episode gives us a glimps into Coach Jae's transformation from a life behind bars to now inspiring people as a Life Skills expert. 

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What does it take to BIOHACK your body? In this episode, Ameer shares his passion for fitness and discipline. 

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In this episode, Mompreneur Renae Christine will show you how to build a successful at home business while juggling parenthood and life. 

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Jeff Zelaya is the perfect example that having a bad start can still get you to a successful end. Today, Jeff is the highest ranked LinkedIn speaker.

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Can a person really have thoughts of Depression & Suicide under control? In this episode, Heather Palacios will share her story of battling with the mind and living victoriously.

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If I told you a Middle School Teacher could become an RCA signed Hip-Hop Artist, who tours Nationally, would you believe me? In this episode, Dee-1 proves he's the epitome of impact and changing platforms.

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It's Sunday night and you've got that sickening feeling in your stomach, your mood has changed, and you're dreading the reality of Monday morning. You're returning to that draining, stressful, and unpleasant environment we call a "Job". Paul Brunson knows well have it feels to labor at an unfulfilling job. In this episode, we will learn the steps Paul took to make a transition from an unfulfilled job, to working with Oprah Winfrey.

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Do you feel weighed down? Are you carrying too much baggage in life? In this episode, Allison Vesterfelt is going to walk us through how she quit her full-time job, moved out of her apartment, sold all of her things and traveled across the country to visit all 50 States and achieved her dream of writing a book!

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